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Your online shows are a true delight. It is up close and personal as you enter my living room weekly. You are a ray of sunshine. Your positive energy boosts anyone's spirits. A thorough description is given on each product. You know you are purchasing quality! I have been able to purchase Christmas gifts, special friends gifts as well as a little something for myself which is so nice during these hard times. Shopping local is so very important for our community to survive this severe economic hit. You promoted other local business with their products in a combined gift package. That truly is commendable. The curbside pickup is amazing as you great us with a big smile and a warm hello. Personalized customer service, it takes the cake!! Thank you Diane.

Lauranne Burdick

You are an expert in your field! You have so much knowledge about every product you sell. You tell us how everything fits and how it feels. You brighten up every Thursday and give us something to look forward to. You engage people. That’s what we were missing. The one on one. You have done an exceptional thing during the pandemic. Thank you.

Shirley Wilson

Your show is up close and personal, very genuine. You have mastered a virtual shopping channel that had required an enormous amount of time and effort on your part in which I and many others appreciate and look forward to viewing weekly. With me living in the District of Thunder Bay I can see what products you have in store. I am still not a big online shopper. I like to see and hear more about what I am looking to buy. And that's where you come in. You know your products, something I very much appreciate. It creates a sense of confidence on my part. Also, your store carries many items you can't find anywhere else. I have gifted many of your products to friends and family. Thank you Diane.

Cheryl Checkley

New WHOLESALE SHOW for Retailers

The SHOP WITH DIANE show has now expanded into the Canadian wholesale market. Diane has taken the skills she's developed by doing 170+ shopping shows for Take A Hike + Take 2 Boutique and since the fall has been offering gift wholesale companies a new show for them to reach their retail customers.

So, if you're an established retailer and would like to discover new products and special offers for your store, please contact Diane at (807) 628-4334 or shopwithdiane.live@gmail.com.

MSM Chronic Pain Relief LOTION

Big pharma watch out. This all-natural, made-in-Canada MSM lotion reduces inflation and pain in muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints in just minutes.

It's recommended for backaches, sports injuries, arthritic joints, muscle spasms, restless legs, headaches, tendonitis, bursitis and other inflammatory ailments. It doesn't interact with other medications and may be used by anyone over 2 years of age.

3ml Sample Pack $2

100 ml Bottle $38

220 ml Bottle $59

1000 ml Bottle $190

Call (807) 628-4334 to organize your purchase.

Curbside & INSTORE Pick-ups

We LOVE CURBSIDE and instore pick-ups. Please call Diane at (807) 628-4334 to confirm your order, method of payment and pick-up time.

OUT OF TOWN ORDERS can be shipped to you via Canada Post. Please call us to discuss.

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